Intelligent Robots

CEPYME publishes in its Yearbook 2021 an interview with Antonio Martínez, taking the opportunity of the SME OF THE YEAR 2020 award


On April 8th, the VII Gala Awards Ceremony took place under the presidency of H.M. King Felipe VI. For the SME of the Year category, awarded to Intelligent Robots, the jury valued its excellence in the fields of business activity, innovation, internationalization and job creation, among others.

As Antonio Martínez, General Manager of Intelligent Robots, recalls,
“Being worthy of the CEPYME SME of the Year Award 2020 was a recognition of our trajectory of the last 5 years, which was a great pride for the whole company. The requirements were very strict and we are very pleased to have achieved it, especially since it was the first time we had applied for an award of these characteristics. Secondly, because this recognition allows Airtificial Intelligent Robots to strengthen its technological capacity and innovation and recognition in front of its customers and other partners, and enhance the influence and competitiveness of its brand.
On a personal level, the Gala Awards was very emotional. The date was made to beg due to the situation of the pandemic and the preventive measures, but to have the presence of authorities and receive the award from His Majesty the King was an honor.”


Read the full interview here (Spanish version only)

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