Intelligent Robots

Intelligent Robots lands two contracts

The Intelligent Robots business unit has in the last few weeks signed two new contracts in China and Poland. These will supplement the assembly and testing lines with robots and artificial vision which were previously delivered for the automotive industry.

The first contract was signed with a benchmark Tier 1 Chinese automotive sector manufacturer, for implementation at the customer’s own plant, and will be led by the team of engineers and specialists at AI China. This contract is valued at half a million euros, in addition to the total amount of EUR 7.8 million that the Company has already received in this contract. 

The second contract signed confirms the opportunity to follow on from a contract in force with a Tier 1 Polish automotive manufacturer, in order to boost the flexibility of the efficiency of the assembly and testing line that Airtificial Intelligent Robots had previously delivered. The commissioning of the order will be fully handled by the Polish team.

In this way, our position as a benchmark supplier for the automotive industry’s major Tier 1 manufacturers is strengthened. We are also setting ourselves apart thanks to our innovativeness in making the technology involved in artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, and artificial vision profitable.