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AIRTIFICIAL Intelligent Robots best SME 2020

The Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CEPYME) gives its highest award, SME OF THE YEAR, to Airtificial’s Intelligent Robots business unit, the sole unit listed on the continuous market specializing in artificial intelligence.

Airtificial is given the award in acknowledgement of its excellent track record as a highly competitive and innovative performance model through excellence in execution.

Airtificial’s Chief Operating Officer and the General Manager of the Intelligent Robots business unit, Antonio Martínez, receives the highest commendation from H.M. King Felipe VI.

Madrid, April 12, 2021. Airtificial’s Intelligent Robots business unit has received the SME OF THE YEAR award, presented on Thursday, April 8. This is the highest commendation awarded by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CEPYME) in acknowledgement of its good work and the excellent track record of the Intelligent Robots business unit over the last 4 years, which has enabled the company to become established as a highly competitive and innovative performance model through excellence in execution.

Last year, Airtificial initiated a transformation of its business model, driven by the company’s board of directors, which focuses on the Group’s operational efficiency to improve its financial results. The board overhauled the management team and appointed Enrique Sanz, CEO, the company’s top executive, and Antonio Martínez, Chief Operating Officer (COO), as well as General Manager of Intelligent Robots. Both leaders are the top executives responsible for implementing a company transformation plan with the primary goal of achieving operational efficiency in the short and medium term.

Martínez is responsible for exporting its management model with positive financial results from Intelligent Robots to the Group’s other two business units: Aerospace and Defense and Civil Works. Martínez launched the process,
together with Sanz, in mid-2020, and it is now beginning to yield results. Intelligent Robots was the division with the best financial performance at 2020 year-end, recording a turnover of 41 million, 51% of the Company’s revenue.

“CEPYME’s acknowledgement of the business unit represents the endorsement of a highly competitive business model with features that stand out from the rest, including global strategy and training, ongoing innovation, partnership engineering with customers, project management, technical soundness and leadership,” explains Martínez.

In 2020, the diversification, globalization and technological innovation strategy has enabled it to adapt quickly to the changing, highly complex events arising from COVID-19, manage uncertainty, keep the entire workforce active and fulfill its timing and quality commitments. Proof of the Company’s success is customer recognition and their trust throughout the world, allowing for 64% growth over the past 4 years.

At the awards ceremony, Antonio Martínez, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and General Manager of Airtificial Intelligent Robots, received the highest commendation from H.M. King Philip VI and, in his thank-you speech, he highlighted that “the Award is a recognition of the work we do, and I dedicate it to the great team that I have, they are excellent, involved and fully committed”. The business unit.

The Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CEPYME) at the 7th Awards Ceremony under the presidency of H.M. King Felipe VI, accompanied by the third Vice-President and Minister for Work and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, as well as other members of government, institutional representatives and other bodies from civil society, together with the presidents of the business organizations CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations) and CEPYME.

Through these awards, CEPYME seeks to foster the social recognition of the figure of small and medium-sized enterprises and to raise awareness of their contribution to economic and social progress, as well as to job creation. The awards are split into eleven categories which have received upwards of 165 applications; and the highest commendation, SME OF THE YEAR, was presented to Airtificial Intelligent Robots. Madrid, March 8, 2021.