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HARVEST project faces its final stretch

The HARVEST R&D project, part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, is nearing completion. This project, which began in September 2018, will come to an end after 39 months of execution next November, with a satisfactory achievement of the objectives set. The development of this project has been achieved with the participation of 11 European entities, including universities, research centers, SMEs and larger companies, including Airtificial.


HARVEST aimed to develop aeronautical structures made of composite materials capable of collecting and storing thermoelectric energy to power a structural health monitoring system, including a user interface, as well as to repair the structures themselves. All of this has been carried out with good project risk management and control of the life cycle and environmental impact of the activities carried out.


Airtificial’s role, in addition to acting as an active member of the aeronautical industry and its expertise in composite materials, has consisted in the manufacture of different test panels with the materials developed in the project, as well as the manufacture of the final demonstrator of the project, an aeronautical leading edge made of carbon fiber and glass with a thermosetting epoxy resin with the capacity to be repaired, reused and recycled.

The achievements of this project are the result of the collaboration and good work carried out by the entire consortium during the more than three years of the project. Congratulations!


For more information, please visit the project website or check the social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.