The group

Board of Management

Eduardo Montes

Graduate of Economics at the University of Barcelona, ADE at ESADE and PADE at IESE. With an extensive professional career, Rafael Suñol has ample experience in the automotive sector. After serving as Deputy Director of GDS Financial Services at La Caixa (now CaixaBank), Chairman of Banco de Crédito Industrial and Managing Director of Banco de Fomento, he has held positions of senior responsibility at organizations such as PSA Peugeot Citroën España, Fecsa (Endesa), Ericsson, REE, Dalkia and Mémora.

Juan Azcona

Mr. Sanz joined Black Toro Capital in December 2017. He is the fund’s current Operating Partner and COO. Over the last 25 years he has been involved in managing business groups and complex business situations (corporate restructurings, post-acquisitions, and managing financial difficulty).

Ladislao Azcona

He is the legal representative of the director Doble A Promociones S.A.

Journalist. From 1969 to 1983 he was the Chief Editor and Head of News and Information Outlets at Radio Televisión Española. In 1983 Azcona left media journalism and focused on business communication and management.

Elena García Becerril

Born in 1967. She studied Business Management at ICADE-MADRID, and holds a Master’s in Labor Consulting, and a Master’s in Tax Law and Tax Consulting, and also received an Advanced Technical Degree in Occupational Health and Safety, specializing in Ergonomics and Occupational Psychology. Today she holds a senior management position at the Melca Group. She is also an entrepreneur, having recently started Asturias’ first shoe factory.

Silvia Iranzo

José Antonio Iturriaga

He has an extensive career in senior bank management positions where he has served as CEO at national banks and copyright collectives. He is an expert in managing and coordinating restructurings for Spanish banks (Spanish Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring). In addition, he is also an expert in corporate governance, audit committees, internal auditing, and risk management for banks.

Maria del Mar Ruiz Andújar

Javier Sánchez

President of the Cádiz Employers’ Confederation, Territorial Vice-President of the Andalusian Employers’ Confederation, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Jerez, and President of the Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Shipping, Javier Sánchez Rojas has over 30 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur in various industries. With a degree in Labor Studies from the University of Granada, Industrial Relations from the University of Alcalá de Henares, and a graduate of the Senior Management Program at San Telmo International Institute, he has received a variety of awards recognizing his work defending business interests.

Leonardo Sánchez - Heredero

Born in Toledo in 1951. He is an entrepreneur in the real estate, public service, and healthcare sectors. Previously he served as a Director and Vice-President of Tecnocom.

José Luis Pérez del Pulgar

He is the non-member secretary of the Board of Directors.

Born in Granada in 1951. He received his degree in Law in 1975. He has been practicing law since 1976.