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Airtificial achieves €68.3M euros in new contracts in the first 9 months of the year and exceeds the total amount reached in 2021

Madrid, 18th October 2022. Airtificial has singed new contracts worth €20.1M in the third quarter of the year. This figure represents a cumulative order intake in 2022 of €68.3M, an increase of 4.2% compared to the full year 2021, and 15% higher than the full year 2020. As a result, the company consolidates its solid growth in all its divisions and materialises the company’s shift towards financial profitability.

Airtificial’s sectorial and geographical diversification strategy is reflected in the total amount of these new contracts, with the common denominator of the high technical specialisation required for each of these projects.

The clients of these new contracts are top level companies located in Spain, Mexico, China, Peru, and different European countries. The new contracts are part of projects that require a high level of applied knowledge of technology and provide significant added value in different areas. These include new production and assembly lines, testing or improvement of existing facilities in the automotive sector, state-of-the-art means of transport or computer systems that ensure care and respect for the environment.

Intelligent Robots
The division added new orders in the third quarter amounting to €12.2M, reaching a total of €43.6M in the first nine months of the year. In Mexico, the division continues with its high specialisation in the automotive industry, with orders worth more than €3M. One of them is the automatic in-line manufacturing of the electronic elements of the seats for a German multinational; another is for the assembly line of the electric motor of a golf buggy with TruCourse technology.

In addition, Intelligent Robots continues to increase its turnover in China with orders of almost 1.5 million euros, through advanced technological solutions and responding to the new challenges faced by the automotive industry, such as the control module for the electric steering of the car.

Inypsa Civil Works
Meanwhile, the Infrastructure division, INYPSA Civil Works, continues to make progress in its shift towards projects focused on technical and specialised management of water resources and environmental studies of air quality. It is leading projects in areas with high growth potential and an important social component. In the third quarter it has contracted €6.7M for a total of €16.1M so far this year.

Infrastructures reaffirms its strategy of focusing its efforts on contracts with a high social component; noteworthy is the award of the project promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge of the Spanish Government through the creation of a digital tool capable of managing the air quality information available in Spain. Airtificial is also playing a leading role and expanding its presence in the major engineering project of the Government of Peru to adapt to climate change by mitigating the vulnerability of river basins, protecting valleys and populations from flooding, and actively contributing to the sustainable and stable development of rural areas.

Aerospace & Defense
In one hand, the division was granted new contracts worth €1.15M, bringing its total contract value for the year to €8.4M. During this period, it has further expanded its area of activity to other sectors, such as the railway sector, where it will participate in the Mexican government’s Tren Maya mega-project. This project is strategic for the country and involves a train that will run for 1,500 kilometres through the southeast of Mexico. Aerospace & Defence will develop the train carriage evacuation ladder, which will allow operators to deploy a walkway between carriages and onto the track. This highly specialised mechanical contribution opens the door for the company to enter the booming railway sector.

On the other hand, this Airtificial division is working on the development of a new generation of fully automated and robotised test benches for the validation of haptic control equipment. These tactile navigation devices, such as active flight control sticks, improve the flight experience and crew coordination.

Airtificial’s CEO, Enrique Sanz, stated that “the set of contracts for 2022 confirms the potential for growth in the sectors where the company operates, especially when they occur at a time of great uncertainty. In this way, Airtificial reaffirms its commitment to its customers and to the modernisation of the industrial sectors, and to making its effective contribution to sustainable development a reality”.

About Airtificial
Airtificial provides global and innovative design and manufacturing solutions for the automotive, aeronautics, infrastructure, and other industrial sectors, integrating advanced technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence that, together with human interaction, contribute to a more sustainable development. It has an operational presence in fourteen countries in the main markets of Europe, America, and Asia; and contributes to the digital transformation and the automation and optimisation of its customers’ processes in the industrial field through sustainable and competitive growth.

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