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Airtificial grows in Peru with two new contract awards

Airtificial continues to advance in a sector with great growth potential, such as sustainable water management, and expands its operational presence in Latin America with two new civil engineering contracts in Peru. With a strong presence in the continent and in the country, the Airtificial Civil Works business unit has signed two agreements for approximately €2 million euros, consolidating its position and expertise in civil engineering projects focused on social sustainability and circularity. This is particularly important in a global context where water is a scarce resource, in which efficient and sustainable water management has become a priority.

According to Airtificial’s CEO, Guillermo Fernández de Peñaranda: “These two awards, in addition to position the Civil Works business unit as a benchmark in the management and supervision of hydraulic projects, also represent our commitment to the environment. Here at Airtificial, we work incessantly in the search for and provisions of solutions that improve the management of infrastructures and major natural resources, such as water, without overlooking these projects’ sustainable and social component.”

The first agreement has been reached with the PTAR Atarjea Consortium. The project includes the adjustment, adaptation, and integration of the initial construction designs of Planta de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales (PTAR) La Atarjea. Located next to Lima, it is one of the most sophisticated water treatment plants in Peru’s capital, as it includes it own biogas power plant. The facility is under a development and extension plan that integrates new networks for drinking water and sewerage, which will allow more than 310,000 people to have access to these services for the first time

The awarded contract has a six-month duration and will involve the revision of the engineering design and the correction of any errors that may have occurred. This will require the development of a BIM model (Building Information Modeling), a digital methodology that allows collaborative work, information centralization, and efficient data management of the work during its life cycle. This will allow Airtificial Civil Works to obtain detailed construction drawings for the correct supervision of the technical specifications, and the corresponding update of metrics, which groups data calculations, measurements, and construction drawings of a project. This will provide  an integrated management tool during the construction and operation phase of the plant.

The second contract has been reached with the Government of Peru through the Sedapal agency under the Ministry of Housing. The agreement, which will last one year and five months, establishes a civil engineering contract for the joint supervision of the works for the expansion and improvement of the drinking water and sewerage system of the Santa Rosa and Ancón project.

Its main objective is to supervise all the project’s execution processes. During the works, the integrated components (reservoirs, sectorization chambers, drainage pumping chambers, drinking water and sewerage impulsion lines, sewerage collectors, secondary drinking water and sewerage networks, and drinking water and sewerage house connections) will be examined to ensure that they have been optimally installed.

These awards reinforce the Civil Works business unit’s position as a benchmark in the management of water resources. This includes water treatment plants, drinking water and sewage systems, and river and stream channels. In fact, Airtificial Civil Works has previously worked on several similar projects in the country, including drinking water and sewage systems and networks, technical analysis of dams or the recharging of rivers at high risk of overflowing.

In a context of climate change and the growing scarcity of drinking water for human consumption, it is of vital importance to work on initiatives and projects that promote circularity. These civil construction projects have an important social and environmental component, as they promote circularity and contribute to the access of many Peruvian inhabitants to basic services such as drinking water and sewerage.


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