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Airtificial manages the largest freshwater reserve in Honduras

With over 40 years of experience in water and ecosystem management, Airtificial has signed a contract in Honduras for nearly one million euros for the recovery of the country’s largest freshwater reserve and its environmental ecosystem. The Airtificial Civil Works unit will be in charge of the design of the engineering of a sanitation and water treatment network that will allow the successful development of the Sustainable Recovery Program for Lake Yojoa, listed on the Ramsar List as a wetland of international important for its diversity of ecosystems and environmental richness.  This project is considered a national priority by the government of Honduras due to its impact on the local population and the economy.  

With this contract, Airtificial fulfills a two-fold objective: on the one hand, it grows in a strategy business sector as is the water management, which is becoming increasingly important due to climate change and its consequences such as extreme droughts or major floods; and on the other hand, it reinforces its international expansion strategy and diversification of technology and engineering solutions on the path to sustainability. “We are suffering in Barcelona with an unprecedented drought and the need for water transfers. Airtificial has 40 years of experience in water resource management. The planet requires urgent measures for the sustainable use of water. The Honduras contract is a new example of this, and we have a strong position in this growing sector”, says Guillermo Fernández de Peñaranda, Airtificial’s CEO.   

 Airtificial will work together with the Honduran company Soluciones Ambientales for eight months in the study and design of the engineering for the development of the Sustainable Program for Lake Yojoa, a volcanic lake of more than 90 km2 located between Comayagua, Cortés, and Santa Bárbara. The execution of this project, financed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), is considered an urgent national priority given the relevance of this lake for the environmental wellbeing.  

In light of the Civil Works unit’s experience in environmental recovery in areas by inadequate waste disposal and the dumping of urban and industrial wastewater, the strategy for this project includes the implementation of an integrated solid waste management system. In addition, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the over 278,000 inhabitants of these districts, the works also include the establishment of a sanitation network and the design of a treatment system to improve the environmental condition of the lake, generating a direct impact on agriculture and small-scale fishing, which are essential to the local economy. This will address the urgent need to restore, insofar as possible, the natural environment of the country’s largest water reserve.  


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 Airtificial provides global and innovative design and manufacturing solutions for the automotive, aeronautics, infrastructure, and other industrial sectors, integrating advanced technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence that, together with human interaction, contribute to a more sustainable development. It has an operational presence in thirteen countries in the main markets of Europe, America, and Asia; and contributes to the digital transformation and the automation and optimisation of its customers’ processes in the industrial field through sustainable and competitive growth. 

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