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Airtificial signs 11 million in automotive contracts in NAFTA


Airtificial has signed, just in the last month, six contracts for eleven million euros with four Tier 1 to manufacture ‘intelligent’ assembly linears for power steering and electric brakes, which it will deliver turnkey to automotive factories in the United States and Mexico. The lead time for delivery of this cutting-edge technology, awarded to Airtificial’s Intelligent Robots business unit, ranges from 36 to 48 weeks. Airtificial thus strengthens its position in the NAFTA market as a reference supplier of ‘intelligent’ technology for vehicle assembly, and continues to contribute to the optimization of its customers’ industrial and energy processes.

The two most important contracts, signed with a leading German Tier 1 that manufactures components for the main OEMs in the automotive sector, have a total value of 3.8 million euros. These two agreements represent the consolidation of the commercial relationship between this important Tier 1 and Airtificial, and open doors to new industrial projects of similar profile. The first project focuses on the design and manufacture of a line for the assembly of Motor Power Pack (MPP) for the electric steering of all types of vehicles at the customer’s plant in the United States. Airtificial will integrate in this assembly line seven robotics, artificial vision, bolting and grease dispensing stations that optimize the production of the MPP.

The German Tier 1 has signed a second agreement with Airtificial for the purchase of a vehicle electric steering assembly line for the same American plant. Airtificial will integrate four semi-automatic robotic stations that will work at 36 seconds per cycle, and will be equipped with servo-electric presses.

The third contract, worth almost 1 million euros, has been signed with a world-class Japanese Tier 1 company that supplies components to one of the most important electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers with the largest production capacity in the sector. The project involves the reconditioning and optimization of the semi-automated production assembly line, specifically the one responsible for the front brakes of vehicles. This overhaul is aimed at improving performance and will consist of an upgrade of the line’s own equipment, in which Airtificial will carry out another intervention: the introduction of two new models of assembly lines, with two different versions for each model.

The fourth contract has been signed with a customer with whom Airtificial has historically worked on many occasions, and which is a reference in the assembly of power steering systems within the top Tier 1 in the automotive sector. It is worth 2.3 million euros and aims to seek improvements in the delivery and price of the CCA’s that are part of the power package of the power steering assistance motor. To date, this service has been supplied to the customer as a component to be assembled in the final product.

This project will have 12 assembly and test stations in production plants in the United States, and it will mean a further step in the production process, as these highly automated lines will feed the current MPP assembly lines in electric vehicles through technologies such as robotics, artificial vision, automatic handling, automatic bolting, traceability system and data analysis.

With the same customer, the company has signed the fifth of the agreements, this time to redesign one of the aforementioned MPP assembly lines in electric vehicles, which currently operates using triacs (bidirectional triodes for alternating current). The process will consist of replacing this type of triacs with their second-generation counterparts in seven robotized stations and will be carried out for 1.75 million euros. The new operating processes will also be located in the customer’s plants in the United States, further strengthening Airtificial’s consolidation and growth strategy in this country. For the correct development of this fourth project, robots will be included that will perform assembly functions as well as bolting, pressing, insertion, adhesive application and plasma cleaning, among others.

Finally, the sixth contract has been closed with a partner at the global forefront of mobility technology, with decades of experience in manufacturing and supply chain design for the most important OEMs in the automotive industry. The agreement comprises two projects totaling €2.45 million, which will operate in the customer’s production plants in Mexico.

The first of this projects, worth 1.05 million euros, will consist of the creation of seven modular units for the assembly of parts and labeling to be integrated into an automated production line for the manufacture of an important automobile model, belonging to one of the main OEMs in the automotive sector. The second project, worth 1.4 million euros, will be based on the insertion of two modular stations for the assembly of the filter board and five stations of the same type for the assembly of the main board, all of them as part of a PDCDC high-voltage converter integrated into a highly automated production line that the customer already operates.

Pioneers in the development of manufacturing lines of electronic components for automobiles

Airtificial is once again positioned as the supplier par excellence of ‘intelligent’ technology for vehicle assembly in the international market. In addition, it has consolidated its position as one of the major contributors in the global industry to the optimization of its customers’ industrial and energy processes.

The company has once again demonstrated its ability to reach agreements with the most important players on the global industrial scene, and continues being a pioneer in the development of production lines for electric vehicles. At the same time, it remains in its strong commitment to the technological advantages of electric steering and braking, components that guarantee safety and comfort in this new automobile of the future.

The CEO of Airtificial, Guillermo Fernández de Peñaranda, explains that “the signing of these new agreements, highlighting the first two with a Tier 1 that is among top 3 of the most important in automotive sector, demonstrates the confidence that our customers have in the Airtificial’s capabilities to optimize their industrial processes. In addition, the integration of different industrial technologies, such as the various robotic stations on these assembly lines, demonstrates our mastery of these technologies and the value added by our company”.

These four new awards demonstrate once again the company’s capabilities for the automotive sector and reinforce the trust with historical customers of the Intelligent Robots business unit, division with the highest annual turnover of Airtificial Group with 52.2 million euros and a strong presence in the North American market.


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Airtificial offers global and innovative design and manufacturing solutions for the automotive, aeronautics, infrastructure and other industrial sectors, integrating advanced technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence that together with human interaction contribute to a more sustainable development. Listed on the Continuous Market, the company has an operational presence in fourteen countries in the main markets of Europe, America and Asia; and contributes to the digital transformation and the automation and optimization of its customers’ processes in the industrial field through sustainable and competitive growth.


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