The group

Executive Management

Enrique Sanz


Graduate of Economics at the University of Barcelona, ADE at ESADE and PADE at IESE. With an extensive professional career, Rafael Suñol has ample experience in the automotive sector. After serving as Deputy Director of GDS Financial Services at La Caixa (now CaixaBank), Chairman of Banco de Crédito Industrial and Managing Director of Banco de Fomento, he has held positions of senior responsibility at organizations such as PSA Peugeot Citroën España, Fecsa (Endesa), Ericsson, REE, Dalkia and Mémora.

Antonio Martínez


Mr. Martínez has more than 35 years of experience in the automotive industry sector, holding directorial positions at multinational companies such as PSA-Citroën, GKN, GM Components, Delphi and Nexteer.

During his lengthy career, he has been Director of Engineering, Manufacturing and Products, Director of European Projects, and has taken on associated roles such as the development of plans related to CAPEX, product development and resources and plant industrialization.