Advanced testing technology



Our production team has developed full testing lines with automated testing stations for complex and active parts, and a systems design for automated shaft coupling, automated joining, and identification for parts and pallet traceability.

The concept of an independent station, in other applications, can be used to produce more flexible systems that grow with production, thus lowering the cost of equipment in countries with cheaper labor costs, and they can also be used to produce more dynamic factory layouts (transferring production parts, increasing or decreasing production, partial downtime, etc.).



In terms of labs, our over two decades of experience supplying endurance, vibration, and functional test benches is testament to our development of testing equipment, where we use cutting-edge measuring technology, and our proven expertise in data acquisition and analysis, actuators (rotary and linear), and monitoring systems.

The wide range of equipment we develop includes several testing products along with various types of tests. At Airtificial Intelligent Robots, quality also means producing reliable technology day in and day out.

Torque dynamometer

Decades of experience with torque dynamometers, with and without communication with the sample part.

Applications for labs, prototype centers, production, NVH, and functional testing.

Automated solutions for this type of end-of-line testers using robots, rotating tables, conveyor belts, or manual loading.

Sealing testing

Developing testing applications for properly sealing parts (steering, pumps, HVAC, turbo, etc.) by lowering pressure lost and checking air, vacuum, or helium pressure.

Dynamic test heads

High degree of expertise in dynamic test heads, including high dynamic and vibration test profiles with data acquisition systems.

Vibration and noise testing

Testing the noise and vibration of end customer’s parts on production lines to detect failure modes for damaged parts or assembly issues, thus ensuring part performance and increased comfort for end users.

A variety of technologies were used for this type of testing, such as electrodynamic shakers, electric linear actuators, accelerometers, laser vibrometers, anechoic chambers, etc.

Anechoic chambers

Implementing anechoic chambers to test noise levels on several types of products. This system produces more accurate measurements.

Climatic chambers

Implementing climatic chambers to simulate real part temperature conditions on test parts using a range of temperatures.

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