Assembly lines, automation, robotics, and vision

Bespoke solutions

Our engineering team designs bespoke solutions for solving assembly line needs, from palletized lines (with automated or manual assembly) to lean systems (using independent stations), from large-scale lines for complex assembly (integrating robots and handing devices) to rotating machines for simpler processes.

To do so, Airtificial Intelligent Robots uses its know-how and experience integrating new robotics, vision, and automation technology, along with others.

Our testing experience also means we can provide full solutions, which includes testing for various assembly stages and functional tests that ensure the parts supplied to the customer have “zero defects”, with parts tracing systems to ensure this, and operating software for verification and analysis.

Quick cycle

Various electromechanical parts are inserted in a quick cycle (<10 seconds).

Plasma treatment

Aluminum casing is cleaned through a 100% automated process using plasma technology to extend the service life of the electric steering to 15 years.

Automated screwing

Screws are fastened on various automotive industry parts using automated or semi-automated screwing systems from several market areas, including torque and position verification and monitoring.

Airbag folding technology

Insertion with robots

Experience with high-speed insertion of small parts using robots, automated feeding systems and vision guidance systems.

Automatic explosive powder doser

Automated release and encapsulated explosive powder in initiators for airbags and seatbelts. All equipment is explosion and fire spread-proof. One part every 5 seconds.

Automated ECU assembly

Fully automated assembly of ‘ECU’ printed circuit board using thermal paste, screwing, vision systems, and other technology.

Vision applications

Major vision brands have been used for quality inspection, parts identification, and error checking, as well as for robot guidance and other assembly and testing applications.

Pressing and riveting systems

A series of applications were developed that use servo motor, pneumatic, and hydraulic pressing systems. Solutions come with built-in force and motion verification and monitoring.

Collaborative robots

Experience with several collaborative robot brands for handling and dispensing operations.

In-house capabilities (HW, safety systems, vision systems, experienced staff) for our prototype/laboratory area to conduct feasibility studies, demonstration runs, and risk assessments.

Laser marking

20 years of experience in palletizing systems for several parts that are transported using special pallets with medium-short cycle times

Transportation lines

20 years of experience in palletizing systems for several parts that are transported using special pallets with medium-short cycle times

Robots and automated handling

Smart handlers

Smart handlers and self-guiding robots with vision systems for automated handling of electronic parts, lids, and sealants.

How can we help?

Airtificial Intelligent Robots offers its customers comprehensive solutions that meet their needs by participating with them in design and implementation.


We work with the Top 20 Tier 1 manufacturers, which is why we comply with strict confidentiality agreements in our teams.