Optimizing lines and processes

How can we keep plants operating at peak performance?

AI-IR offers special projects for optimizing production line and plant performance thanks to its over 20 years of experience automating processes and integrating new technologies.

These enhancements come from:

  • Using automation and integrating new technologies to lengthen the lifespan of both manual and automated processes.
  • Boosting the flexibility of operations and the ability to use multi-product processes.
  • Improving the use of space by downsizing layouts.
  • Boosting production and quality ratios such as OEE, FTQ, and lowering cycle times.

Our proposals are underpinned by our pillars of competitiveness: innovation, integrating new technologies, our experience designing and manufacturing assembly and testing systems, along with Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Our studies draw from cycle time analysis and solutions, the number of workers, flexibility, standardization, quality (OEE), process optimization, and much more.

How can we help?

Airtificial Intelligent Robots offers its customers comprehensive solutions that meet their needs by participating with them in design and implementation.


We work with the Top 20 Tier 1 manufacturers, which is why we comply with strict confidentiality agreements in our teams.