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Advanced Robots/Vision Systems Main Catalysts for InnovationVR/AR Simulations

Advanced Robots/Vision Systems

The unique features of robotics and machine vision technology, and the combination of the two for bin picking systems or robot guidance systems with machine vision, have led us to form a dedicated team for these technologies to find global solutions for complex problems without affecting any stages in the project lifecycle.


A powerful piece of software for monitoring and enhancing your system’s productivity and performance.

Main Catalysts for Innovation

We believe that there is nothing that drives innovation better than our partnership initiative with customers, along with our use of pilot projects to develop solutions even quicker (which is crucial for today’s projects). Our partnership program, aimed at finding complex solutions alongside our customers, provides exceptional value for both sides, and allows us to successfully address strategical challenges. In addition, the Lean Six Sigma methodology ingrained in our work makes our solutions that much more robust and generates strong results.

VR/AR Simulations

Thanks to new imaging technology, we are able to use concept review and validation tools in virtual environments over videoconferences with no need for travel, thus greatly boosting efficiency. Equally, augmented reality technology allows us to provide quicker and more efficient assistance and support throughout various stages of the project lifecycle. Another important aspect of this innovation initiative are the simulation platforms that allow us to validate processes and make much more rational estimates regarding the important aspects of the process that will need to be solved.

Thanks to its expertise and use of all these tools, Airtificial Intelligent Robots has been able to overcome global COVID19 restrictions while adhering to our agreements with customers, thus exceeding their expectations.

Thanks to continuous innovation being one of the company’s key strategies, we can be at the forefront of technologies application, processes, and methodologies to keep up with the ever-shifting market. Using innovative operations and products to provide customers with high-level service solutions and technology.

Here at Airtificial Intelligent Robots, we are passionate about delivering value to our customers throughout all stages of our projects and strive towards a culture of ongoing improvement.

This is why our partnership with customers, providers, and partners is heavily focused on developing solutions implementing cutting-edge technology, and on having Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodologies in place throughout all stages of the project management lifecycle.

AiTrace by Airtificial

The powerful software that allows you to control and improve the productivity and performance of your equipment.

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