Difference-maker software

AiTrace® was inspired by the need to add value to customers during the rollout and subsequent stages of our projects. All project processes require variables to be monitored in order to establish the business’s important KPIs and make the right decisions.

AiTrace® deals with generating, acquiring, processing, storing, using, predicting, and prescribing these variables. This tool allows us to enhance plant production processes and the main associated ratios (OEE, cycle time, FPY, FIQ, etc.).

One benefit this system offers is its modularity, which means we can install it on existing systems and use its potential with minimum impact.

A powerful piece of software for monitoring and enhancing your system’s productivity and performance.

Scalability and modularity

A system with anything from basic to advanced options

Parts traceability


Reporting and follow-up


Advanced production analysis (OEE, Cp/Cpk, FTQ, CT, etc.)


Having an overview of the system from anywhere and from various devices


Predictive maintenance
Machine learning
Problem solving

Artificial intelligence algorithms

From basic to advance version




We work with the Top 20 Tier 1 manufacturers, which is why we comply with strict confidentiality agreements in our teams.