Thanks to new imaging technology, we are able to use concept review and validation tools in virtual environments over videoconferences with no need for travel, thus greatly boosting efficiency. Equally, augmented reality technology allows us to provide quicker and more efficient assistance and support throughout various stages of the project lifecycle. Another important aspect of this innovation initiative are the simulation platforms that allow us to validate processes and make much more rational estimates regarding the important aspects of the process that will need to be solved.

Thanks to its expertise and use of all these tools, Airtificial Intelligent Robots has been able to overcome global COVID19 restrictions while adhering to our agreements with customers, thus exceeding their expectations.

AiTrace by Airtificial

The powerful software that allows you to control and improve the productivity and performance of your equipment.

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We work with the Top 20 Tier 1 manufacturers, which is why we comply with strict confidentiality agreements in our teams.