Signal conditioners

Airtificial A&D develops electronic devices subject to requirements under aviation and military standards, which make accuracy and environmental and EMC conditions all the more critical. These systems are designed ad-hoc, which means we are able to provide solutions for a variety of sensors (pressure, temperature, force, position, etc.) and applications. Some fine examples are the electronic card of the A400M’s WoW (Weight on Wheels) system, a transducer for the Scout SV’s brake system, and a digital-to-analog convertor for the Alice electric plane

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Control units

Cockpit panels are control and monitoring devices offering an interface for the pilot, who can push buttons, select modes using switches, or send messages through encoders. Airtificial A&D has designed and manufactured a large number of these systems with a variety of features (power management, audio systems, fuel control, etc.) and different complexities (electric interfaces, integrated data processing, bus communications, etc.)

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Flight control systems

Airtificial A&D develops, manufactures, and services fly-by-wire systems with: various operating modes (degraded, manual, or automatic); PID controllers on every axis for many variables (position, speed, applied force, and motor current); and electronic cards for power supply, data storage, monitoring parameters, and electromagnetic interference protection. All of this meets level A certification requirements under civil software regulation DO-178 and hardware regulation DO-254.

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Cockpit indicators

Airtificial A&D develops multi-purpose cockpit indicators based on a common analog-to-digital converter architecture whose output controls a specific galvanometer for each parameter to be measured (flap angle, voltmeter, pressure, etc.). These systems do not require external power for its LED lighting, which is night vision goggle-compatible, in accordance with MIL-STD-3009 regulation

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Airtificial A&D develops custom electronic equipment that comply with the most stringent quality standards and civil regulations applicable.

Our experience in developing products certified under DO-160, DO-178 and DO-254 regulations allows us to provide our customers with full solutions for specific needs unmet by commercial equipment.

Obsolescence, new airborne platforms, and technical aspects such as operating ranges, size, and accuracy, are just some of the aspects that drive our customers to our solutions

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