Ground support equipment

Test systems

Our test means provide users with a replica of the environment in which the equipment being tested will operate. This is done through power management and distribution; signal generation, monitoring and adaptation; communications management (electrical and buses); mechanical integration; and software development (system simulation, HMIs, SCADA systems, etc.)

Test benches

Before being integrated into the platform, all systems and equipment must be tested. Test benches developed by Airtificial A&D create a simulated HW and SW environment that provides a true representation of the conditions the equipment being tested will face in a real environment, by creating all conditions (power supply, ventilation and interface) necessary between the real and/or simulated equipment in the system. The functional test procedure to be run on the bench is created and managed by a propietary software based in LabVIEW, which allows users to manage the corresponding signals without the need to directly configure the signal acquisition/generation boards.

On top of its expertise in mechanical and electrical test benches with electronic and software modules, Airtificial A&D has also developed hydraulic and pneumatic test benches for working with fluids such as fuels and Skydrol, controlling solenoid valves with PLCs, and ensuring operability in harsh weather conditions and even explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

Multifunctional consoles

Airtificial A&D brings together its capabilities in mechanical design and calculation, electric manufacturing and integration to develop onboard and simulated consoles, along with train driver desks.

Aircraft missions are performed from these consoles, which include onboard computers, monitor and tracking displays, distributed audio-visual systems, signal harnessing, communication buses, etc.

Electric racks

Airtificial A&D is also highly experienced in power control racks, distribution racks, patch panels, breakout boxes, etc. These power subsystems can pass as testing equipment in their own right or play a part in more complex testing systems where they offer a wide variety of features ranging from power protection to signal distribution


Airtificial A&D has over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing cable harnesses for both systems and onboard equipment.

The interconnection of different systems plays a crucial role in industry in general, and in the aerospace industry in particular. As part of that interconnection, harnessing is essential for power and control signal distribution. The quality of this harnessing, both in terms of design and manufacturing, is of crucial importance in order for the system to run properly and remain reliable.

Electrical installations

Airtificial A&D played a key role in installing the final assembly line (FAL) for the A400M military transport aircraft in Seville, where it took part in the different stages of the plant preparation to install the systems required. Since the very beginning, manufacturing electric racks, harnessing, structured wiring, etc., to today when Airtificial A&D is involved in all kinds of aerospace and defense industry systems, where it makes harnessing for motor testing rooms and equipment, and even carried out the electrical installation and implemented all the testing systems for redesigning the FAL for the production of the C295 in Bandung, Indonesia.

Adaptation modules

Aircraft systems are tested functionally using test benches with commercial boards that are often unable to match the operating ranges of these systems. To reach these levels, Airtificial A&D develops modules which adapt specific signal parameters to enable aircraft and test systems to communicate properly.

Test tools

Airtificial A&D not only delivers large-scale test systems, simulators and ground support multifunctional consoles requiring sophisticated test benches, but it also develops portable tools and multifunctional kits for replacing specific equipment features, carrying out specific communication tests, and distributing power.

Data loading systems

One of the trickiest ground operations is loading mission equipment data. This is a crucial task that relies heavily on a correct configuration control for the multiple versions of the software to be loaded on each piece of equipment.

With Airtificial A&D’s software loading benches users can complete this task from a single interface regardless the loading protocol (ARINC 429, ARINC 615, CAN, etc.) supported by each system. The bench checks for the equipment to be loaded and provides the user with a loading interface as a computer program, with the bench system configuring the settings of the equipment to be loaded and the software translating the equipment’s protocol to a standard interface for the user.


As a company with both hardware and software capabilities, Airtificial A&D carries out all types of simulation projects. Some of these involve a purely software-based simulator replacing all the real system’s functions and interfaces, allowing any equipment that need to interact with the system in question to do so without noticing any differences. Other projects have involved the development of simulators for user training platforms (e.g., for pilots), which meant implementing signal logic, audio-visual equipment, simulated systems and mechanical structures similar to the real ones.

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