Software development

Airtificial A&D’s portfolio of capabilities includes a team with over 15 years of experience developing innovative multi-language, -environment, and -platform software. Our software capabilities are featured across a variety of Airtificial A&D market solutions in areas such as systems integration, onboard electronics, control systems, robotics, and unmanned systems

Embedded software

Developing complex onboard equipment and ground control systems occasionally includes microcontroller-integrated software, and both low- and high-level language-based CPLDs and FPGAs (C, C++, Dynamic C, QT, Python, VHDL, assembler, etc.) for device management.

Airtificial A&D has extensive expertise in electronic devices with embedded software, with examples being modems, ECUs, UAV base stations, and complex avionics.

Military systems software integration

Air, naval, and ground military platforms encompass a variety of equipment and systems, from various manufacturers, that need to interact. This means managing a range of interfaces, communication protocols, and voltages and frequency levels, which may make integrating them a challenge for many reasons.

Airtificial A&D is able to develop the full suite of software needed to make integration easy to understand for end users.

Application software

Airtificial A&D’s software solutions include an assessment of the operating system to be employed, along with the middleware, database management system, protocols, and communication between the various subsystems in terms of types of systems, messages, and services.

We employ several programming languages such as C, C++, Java, platforms such as Eclipse, and methodologies such as Scrum. This service is for applications such as combat systems, sensor integration, and LabVIEW® testing system HMIs.

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