Manufacturing engineering

Thanks to its team of over 150 experienced manufacturing engineering professionals, Airtificial A&D stands out as an excellent partner to undertake new industrializations that require implementing new processes, restructuring production factories, and developing full production management systems

Factory of the future

Thanks to its over 15 years of experience providing production support for industrial plants and implementing in-house technologies for data acquisition, decision-making, processes automation and tasks digitalization, Airtificial A&D provides fully embedded solutions for converting its customers’ facilities and production plants to fit with the concept of factory of the future.

The key of our approach is to consider as a whole: the product to be developed (design-to-cost projects, reverse engineering, restyling, etc.); the processes required to produce it (identifying bottlenecks, automation, redefining work flow, etc.); the technologies involved (IoT, robotics, augmented reality, etc.); and the data generated. Only in this way we can provide customers with a solution that takes into account all the variables at play at their facilities.

Airtificial A&D is not a consulting firm solely focused on processes, or a design office set on developing products, or a software developer for mass data processing, or a start-up introducing a specific technology. Airtificial A&D is a supplier of solutions based on a thorough understanding of the product and the processes used to produce it, selecting the right technologies to implement and the most significant data to process, all so that the customer can provide a more competitive product

Plant and process engineering

Over the years, Airtificial A&D has acted as a consulting partner for onsite and offsite production process operations, such as work orders, production monitoring and planning, configuration control and lean assessments. Today, it also helps customers convert their production lines to industry 4.0 standards by enhancing their processes, automating tasks, monitoring operations, and lowering production time.


AiTrace is an in-house platform combining the hardware and software required to generate, acquire, process, store, use, predict, and recommend the specific variables that define production processes, allowing for the most important KPIs to be clearly and individually identified for further decision-making.

What sets AiTrace apart from the rest of the market is its modular design, thanks to which it can be installed on existing systems and completely integrated with the data systems (MES, ERP, etc.) and industrial platform communication protocols (Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, etc.) the customer is currently using.

Our solution boasts a variety of applications for Andon systems, monitoring panels and process data traceability, statistical functions, fault and time cycle analysis, product data access, rework orders, production management, preventive maintenance, warning systems and even user management.

How can we help?

If you need a bespoke solution that requires composites, electronics, mechanics, software, electrical and/or robotics, we're your best choice