Mechanical design

Airtificial A&D is an expert in mechanical engineering solutions. Its technical office has over 20 years of experience in conceptual and detailed design, as well as structural analysis, applicable to both onboard parts and jigs & tools.


As an expert manufacturing composites structures, Airtificial A&D analyzes and develops solutions for converting metal structures to composites, no matter the industry.

The introduction of composites in the aerospace industry has made platforms significantly lighter and led to a clear shift for new programs. This is why we are seeing more and more platform manufacturers, and other industries in general, interested in enhancing their product by changing part of their metal structure to composites, and this is no longer just because of weight. It is also to avoid other problems, such as environmental corrosion, or the logistical costs of large structures that cannot be assembled on site.

Metal parts and structures

Outside the technological core associated with composite materials, Airtificial A&D’s design office develops projects involving structures in other materials. These projects include designing, analyzing and 3D modeling of parts and structures for planes, tooling, electromagnetic actuators, and mechanical onboard enclosures using CATIA and ANSYS.

How can we help?

If you need a bespoke solution that requires composites, electronics, mechanics, software, electrical and/or robotics, we're your best choice