We provide our environmental consulting and engineering services together to give our customer full support, including: Environmental impact evaluations, overseeing environmental aspects for projects and works, watercourse and forest recovery and environmental recovery, audits and integrated environmental licenses for industrial practices, water quality and effluent management, environmental flows, air and atmospheric environment quality, and climate change studies.

The former allow us to design projects that are technically and financially feasible, and also increasingly green. The latter introduce environmental value throughout the entire project lifecycle, from planning to operations, including an assessment of the environmental impact of various risk scenarios and potential accidents.

  • Over 100 environmental impact assessments conducted
  • Project development and quality control for the management of over 235,000 t/year of municipal waste. Serving a population of 450,000 people.
  • Inspections, effluent and works licenses for over 150,000 km2 of watershed areas.
  • Handling hydropower concessions for over 17,000 km2 of watershed areas.
  • Managing data for the Spanish Ambient Air Quality Networks from 2005 to the present day.

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